Grenco Science G-Pen Herb Vaporizer - Phil Frost & Burton Edition


The Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite boasts precision temperature control, one of the largest heating chambers in the industry, and an ergonomic design to place true vaporization in the palm of your hand. A collaboration between G Pen, Burton Snowboards, and New York artist Phil Frost, this special edition G Pen Elite is adorned with Frost’s edgy yet painterly artwork. Beneath its beautiful exterior, the Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite features a powerful heating system that delivers comfortable, delicious vapor on-the-go.


The first vape to bear the name Burton goes big with one of the largest fully ceramic chambers in the industry. At a whopping .75 grams, the Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite chamber stores plenty of herb and then some, ensuring fewer reloads and longer vape sessions. A 360 heating element thoroughly vaporizes its contents from every angle, getting the most out of dry herb and delivering high potency vapor. The Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite features a convection heating system that heats dry herb with hot air, not hot surfaces, fully displaying the flavors and aromas of strains with zero combustion. Expect clean-tasting, potent vapor that you can enjoy from just about anywhere.


Unlike most portable vaporizers, the Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite features full temperature control, giving users much more power over their vaping session. The temperature range (200-428F) contains the ideal temps for the most popular strains and vapor profiles, from small and flavorful puffs to large, lung-expanding clouds. Toggling temp is easy with +/- buttons, and once you’ve chosen your temp, you’ll be vaping in just about 30 seconds. You can also switch to Celsius by holding the power and up button simultaneously. Rather than limit users to preset temps, the Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite allows you to experiment with heat to unlock the subtle nuances of your favorite dry herb strains.


The Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite is compact. Concealed easily in your hand or pocket, this portable vaporizer is ideal for discreetly vaping outdoors. The curvature of the G Pen Elite fits comfortably in the palm, making it pleasurable to vape with and easy to grip. The G Pen Elite’s design is simple, making it easy to use. The minimal anatomy consists of a mouthpiece, which removes to reveal the dense herb chamber, three buttons, and the G Pen itself. Operation is therefore seamless, making the Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite the ideal vape for dry herb enthusiasts with an appreciation for simplicity, discretion, quality vapor, and an elegant design dressed with the vibrantly raw aesthetic of Phil Frost’s artwork.

  • 1 x Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer
  • 1 x Collectible Phil Frost Mini Luggage
  • 1 x G Pen Elite Charging Dock
  • 1 x G Grinder Card
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool

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