Who is Too Fine Smoke?

We are asked by many, "What does Too Fine Smoke have, that no other site has and why should I use it.?"

Well, we feel that we have the experience with a knowledgeable staff to offer the best products for your recreational and medicinal needs at bare market prices.  We also understand the need for discretion, so our packaging comes in non-discrete packaging for your privacy.

We operate with a very low overhead and we transfer that savings to our customers in the form of Free Shipping on orders over $50 and 30 days Returns accepted with no questions asked.  These quality products and industry leading customer support is why we are so sure that you will love our quality delivery products, which are all made in the USA.,  We hope that you will become and stay a loyal Too Fine Smoke customer.

You have my personal guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied and can't resolve your issue through our customer support staff, you may email me directly and I will resolve the issue within 24 hours.

Dale Hallam, Director of Operations, Too Fine Smoke



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