Terms of Sale Notice and Payment

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon between both parties, we only accept payment via Master Card, VISA, Discover, or American Express and always through PayPal.
  • Payment is expected to be received the day of purchase.
  • We will only ship the item after payment if being received.
  • If more items are added to the order if it is possible to combine shipping and handling, but please notify us in case this is your case.


  • Products purchased from us can be returned up to 30 days after your receipt of the item(s).
  • The product or products must be unopened, if applicable, and in the same condition as they were when originally sent to you.
  • The item(s) must be able to be re-listed here on eBay as they were when originally listed and purchased by you.


  • Unless otherwise specifically stated in this listing, your order is generally shipped the day of, or within 2(two) business day after, your Too Fine Smoke order was placed.
  • We do maintain an online retail store (https://toofinesmoke.com) and we try our best to update our available quantity as items listed here on eBay are sold on our online site.
  • In rare instances, however, the shipment may be delayed by up to three(3) days if we have an inventory conflict between the quantity on hand and the quantity listed here on our site and our eBay store.
  • If your order or order(s) are going to be delayed for longer than three(3) business days following your purchase we will notify you and advise of the anticipated shipment date.
  • We will discuss with the buyer the options which are available.


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