Snoop Dogg POUNDS | Rocketship Bong

Blast off sky high with the new water pipe from Snoop Dogg; the Rocketship. With its sleek and simple design, this is one piece that will become the star of your bong collection! From the creator of Leafs by Snoop comes a new array of glassware ready to take the world by storm. POUNDS has something for everyone, and the Rocketship does not disappoint as a classic water bong. Get ready to reach new heights with this glassware designed by Snoop Dogg himself.

Snoop Dogg Bong - Diffused Percolator

The Rocketship comes with a straight percolator with a diffused stem, meaning an even cleaner hit. The percolator gives the smoke a second chance to pass through extra water, adding another level of purification to your hits. With small slits at the end of the stem, your smoke passes through water. The small gaps mean an even greater surface area for the smoke to filter through the water, helping it cool even further. Between them both, you are guaranteed the smoothest smoke of your life!

Snoop Dogg Pounds - Ice Pinch

If the percolator hasn't convinced you that this will be a silky hit then the ice pinch definitely will! Keep your smokes cool and fresh with this addition to the Rocketship. With the ice pinch, you can place ice cubes in the center of your tube for longer, smoother hits. By cooling the smoke you remove some of the harsher factors of bong hits, including heat and rougher tastes. Ice holds also double as a splash guard, meaning no bong water in your hit!

Snoop Dogg Bong - Design and Choice

The Rocketship is one of the most classically built water bongs on the market today, with its straight tube and percolator stem this is a piece for novices and veterans alike! Simple to use and with beautiful design this is a piece of glassware you will want to show off to your friends. It comes in four different colors, giving you multiple choices to choose from to fit your collection; wicked white, classic clear, bold black, and colorful yellow!

Snoop Dogg Pounds - Simple Usage

Not only is the Rocketship one of the easiest bongs available to beginners but it's also very speedily maintained. Thanks to the straight tube and clear exterior you can simply remove the stem to access the interior, and spot sections that need a quick clean easily. The flat base adds an extra level of security, lowering the point of gravity to help you avoid any unfortunate accidents. With high-quality glass, you won't have an issue keeping this bong bringing you smooth smokes day in, day out! 

The Rocketship is another piece from Snoop Dogg that will be delivering for a long time to come. Ready to replace your usual bong, it will help you hit that soft smoke you've been craving with no effort. This is a game changer, on its way to becoming a universal favorite!

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