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Too Fine Smoke's Specialties collection is a unique selection of higher-end products that you will not find on most other websites. These items are skillfully made and aredesigned for the connoisseur that expects quality detailed work and uniqueness that sets them apart from others.
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  • Jane West 10" Beaker Made by GRAV Labs

    The Best Looking Beaker Water Pipe Designed "for the Ladies"  Specs: Height: 10" Base width: 6 Uniquely designed cobalt beaker 60 x 4mm borosilicate glass construction It includes includes a...
  • RYOT SmellSafe Krypto-Kit

    The Original RYOT SmellSafe Krypto-Kit Meet the RYOT SmellSafe Krypto-Kit! Their first invention, released in 2000, and still the most popular pocketable system ever designed for glass bats and small vapes. Now resized...
  • 6" Sherlock Various Colors With Etched Decal by Grav

    This GRAV 6" Sherlock will deliver a powerful punch and stand out in your collection. Various Colors Available - Color Randomly Selected, choice will be taken into account. Black, Green,...
  • "Coyote" Water Pipe

    The "Coyote" Water Pipe from My Bud Vase allows you to smoke is pleasure and store your bong. The sand-like texture and matte Aztec style design wrapped around the base give...
  • Sesh Supply "Hestia" Mini Fumed Banger Hanger

    Hestia - The banger hanger goddess Fixed diffused downstem Three maria rings worked onto joint 90 degree polished 14.5mm female joint  Fully fumed body Proudly designed in Savannah, GA  ...
  • "Gunbai" Honeycomb to Showerhead Ashcatcher

    Ronin is a quality made  products and this ash catcher is no different.  Too Fine Smoke recognizes this quality and offers these products to our customers with confidence and guarantees...
  • Image of the "Dr. Frankenstein" Fumed Skull tree perc and made of thick glass Image of the "Dr. Frankenstein" Fumed Skull tree perc and made of thick glass
    Sold Out

    "Dr. Finkelstein" Fumed Skull Bong with Tree Perc

    Are you looking for that one item where you can express yourself?  Well, this  9 Inch Dr. Finkelstein Fumed Skull Bong With Tree Perc should be your choice! It is...
  • "Dream" Vaporizer Pen Kit

    The "Dream" is our choice with features like an adjustable temperature (350˚F, 390˚F, and 430˚F) and 2 varying heating element. One of the 2 heating elements is coil-less ceramic dish. Since the oil never...
  • Super Universal Domeless 10mm or 14.5mm or 18.8mm Titanium Nail for Male or Female Joints

    This Titanium Domeless Nail is a good accessory to any smoking sesh.
  • Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler

    Are you looking for a sweet sherlock?  This Sesh Supply "Cornucopia" Sherlock Bubbler is one of the most unique bubblers around.  Too Fine Smoke only brings to our customers the...
  • Image of a Bioluminescent Wonderland Pipe by Empire Glass made in USA Image of a Bioluminescent Wonderland Pipe by Empire Glass made in USA
    Sold Out

    "Bioluminescent Wonderland" Water Pipe

    Are you looking for that special water pipe for that one person that has every thing?This Empire Glass pipe is that water pipe.  It is made of clear borosilicate, featuring...
  • "Under the Sea" Glass Spoon "Under the Sea" Glass Spoon
    Sold Out

    "Under the Sea" Glass Spoon

    This "Under the Sea" glass spoon is a highly popular spoon that produces a sweet hit every time you sesh. Empire Glassworks Spoon Aquatic Wildlife Intricate Coloring Length: 4" American...
  • PUFFCO Smart Rig

    This Puffco Peak Rig is said to be from the future, well it may be because this device expertly unleashes the raw power of concentrates, providing the clearest affects of the...
  • Sesh Supply Pollux Bubbler with Propeller Perc

    Pollux - the portable propeller Spinning kinetic propeller perc Color perc and wrapped lip Maria ring around neck Proudly designed in Savannah, GA  
  • Sesh Supply "Pegasus" Crescent Recycler with Propellor Perc

    A 10" external four armed recycler water pipe with spinning propeller perc. This pipe has three chambers. It features a 90 degree 14mm female joint. Features a 90 degree female...
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