The Benefits of Using Glass Water Pipes

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The Benefits of Using Glass Water Pipes

Any time you buy glass water pipes online or in person, you’ll see plenty of other options made of various materials. What makes the glass water pipe experience different from any other smoke? And, is it the choice that will give you everything you’re looking for in your next smoking excursion? Here’s a quick guide to help you find out!

It’s Smoother

The action of the smoke travelling through the water before it hits your lungs makes for a milder, less harsh intake. The taste will be smoother and less irritating to the throat. Beginner and experienced smokers alike often prefer this more mellow effect of a glass water pipe.
The milder effect on the throat along with the gentle motion of the water can add to the relaxation factor. Combined, these effects can make for a more leisurely and enjoyable smoking experience overall.

It Can Be Healthier

The possible health benefits of a glass water pipe over other methods are two-fold. First, the smoke is filtered by the water, so many of the contaminants of the tobacco or other legal substance are reduced.

Second, glass doesn’t carry the risk of leaching unwanted materials into the water that could be inhaled. Other materials have this potential and are less safe. Many homemade plastic or aluminum water pipes actually put smokers at increased risk due to the harmful materials that can be inhaled.

Use It Well

Enjoy your glass water pipe and the enhanced smoking experience it can provide. But, be sure to keep the pipe clean! Otherwise, the benefits are lost. You can buy products to prevent resin build-up, but regular cleaning is important.

One method is to clean the pipe with a combination of rubbing alcohol and salt, rinsing thoroughly with water. Use cotton swabs and pipe cleaners to scrub surfaces, and briefly soak removable parts.

Recognize that smoke inhaled through water is in some ways more potent. The action of the water pipe will often serve to draw smoke deeper into the lungs than other smoking methods. You’ll want to be aware of this effect and adjust your use of it in order to preserve the benefits mentioned above.

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