Medical and recreational marijuana are legal in a growing number of countries around the world and in several US states. As a simple solution for chronic pain and other ailments, THC is easy to get behind. No matter what kind of experience you want when smoking, there's a vaporizer that will check all of your boxes. If you're debating about whether to buy a vaporizer pen online or another kind of vape, take a look at some of our top choices.

Flower Vaporizers

This is a lovely name for a portable, battery-powered vaporizer that may or may not come with a temperature-adjusting mechanism. Flower vaporizers are portable and heat the cannabis flower in a small chamber. Most people choose these vaporizers if they want a vape they can take place to place. One downside is that these vapes don't provide you with sophisticated settings that can help you make the most of all the flavors in the marijuana. Taking a look in our vaporizers store can help you get an idea if our models will provide you the specific qualities you want in a portable model.

Tabletop Vapes

Tabletop vapes offer the most sophisticated temperature settings of most vaporizer models and also a hands-free option to deliver the THC-infused vapor. Different cannabinoids and terpenes vaporize at different temperature points, so if you are looking to get specific effects from a strain of marijuana, tabletops will give you precise enough control to make the most of your product. Tabletop vapes plug into a wall outlet, so it's unlikely you'll be taking them outside of your home.

Portable Oil Vape Pens

Vape pens are all the rage right now. They are slim and light, and can be carried in a bag or pocket. These use CO2 oil cartridges, but some models allow you to load your own marijuana oil. Vape pens generally have great battery life that won't leave you frustrated. You can find a vape pen to buy online in our shop.